Updated: February 07, 2018
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A Guide to Spring Activities in March in Japan!

Spring in Japan attracts many tourists around the world mainly for hanami (cherry blossoms viewing). Japan also celebrates a few big events during the month of March. March is also an interesting month where the weather is undergoing a change from winter to spring. Here's a list of what you can do throughout March while your stay in Japan.

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Hinamatsuri is referred as "girls' day" or "dolls' day" and it is held on the 3rd of March. It is a tradition in Japan where the family will celebrate girlhood and pray for their daughters' healthy growth and make a doll display. The dolls will be displayed from February till after the hinamatsuri celebrations are over on 3rd of March. There are foods specially prepared for the celebrations such as "Shirozake" (it is a sweet sake with high level of sugar content and low level of alcohol content), "Hina-arare" (traditional Japanese confectionary that is made from roasted mochi pieces), "Hishimochi" (a diamond shape cake with tricolored and each with different meaning), "Ushiojiru" (Soup broth with clams), and "Chirashizushi" (vinegared rice top with assorted sashimi, salmon roe, and vegetables). You can check out the doll displays at the Kyoto National Museum or at the Keio Plaza Hotel.


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Hanami is cherry blossom viewing in English. There are a few ways to enjoy the awe-inspiring view such as taking pictures while walking across the Meguro river, doing a cherry blossom picnic at the Ueno Park, and boat riding at Sotobori Park. Take note that the schedule for boat riding at Sotobori Park will be announced in the near future (It was from the 28th of March to 6th of April in 2017). It will be a great experience if you bring your own "Bento" (lunch box) and take a photo while eating the "hanami-dango" (tricolored mochi sweet).


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Night cherry blossoms viewing is called "Yozakura" in Japanese. That is how you can enjoy the night view of the sakura with the beautiful light up and many famous hanami places will be illuminated.


It is a Buddhist event of water worship held annually in March, at Todaiji temple. A priest with a torchlight in hand descends repeatedly from the Nigatsudo hall to the holy well at the base of the temple, drawing water from the well, which also means omizutori in Japanese. It is done in the Nigatsudo Hall (second-month hall). The reason why it is called the second-month hall is that March is the second month according to the lunar calendar.

Spring ski

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There are many good spots in Hokkaido, Aomori, Gunma, and Nagano prefectures still available for skiing in March. You can go to the popular ski resorts such as Niseko ski resort and Hakuba ski resort or Tenjidaira ski resort. The later is in Gunma, that is the nearest if you travel from Tokyo. Equipment rental is possible at the resorts.
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