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Get Lucky with Daifuku Mochi!

What is this small delicacy that is named after "great luck"? Find out!

All You Want to Know About Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoot, or takenoko in Japanese, is a highly sought after seasonal delicacy due to its crisp texture and sweet taste.

Torikado For Some High-End Yakitori in Meguro, Tokyo

Torikado is an elegant and intimate restaurant hidden away in the streets of Meguro. The restaurant has beautiful counter seats where you can watch the Chefs grill the chicken with precision. It is not your typical yakitori restaurant as it brings yakitori cuisine to a whole other level.


Kanpyō, Japanese Dried Calabash Strips

The dried shavings of calabash are a traditional ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Learn more about it here!

7 chome Kyoboshi: The Best Tempura You've Ever Had!

7 chome Kyoboshi, pronounced 'Nanachoume Kyoboshi' is said to be the world's best tempura restaurant!


Luxis in Ebisu, Tokyo, Enjoy a Stunning Aquarium While Having Dinner

Luxis in Ebisu, Tokyo is a high-end Italian restaurant with a unique and stunning decor. As you walk down the stairs, you will be mesmerized by the blue lights and luxurious decor. And as you continue walking, you will see the absolutely breath-taking aquarium.


There Wouldn't Be Japanese Cuisine Without Dashi

Dashi, the quintessential ingredient on Japanese cuisine! But what is it exactly? What's in it? How to prepare it? Find out!

Koara Tokyo a DJ Bar You Should Check Out in Shibuya, Tokyo

Koara Tokyo is a really cool and intimate DJ bar in Shibuya. You can catch an underground event with 20 or so other music lovers. Grab a seat, grab a drink and enjoy the live DJ's.


February, March Plum Blossoms In Tokyo | Here Are The Best Spots

From mid-February to mid-March, enjoy plum blossom season in Tokyo at these three impressive spots!


Try the Perfect Yakitori at Shibuya Morimoto

Yakitori is a staple snack at any given izakaya, but at Morimoto, open for more than 40 years, it is absolutely perfect.

A Local's Guide to Yakitori: Yakitori Tonton in Yurakucho, Tokyo

If you want to know how locals eat, you need to stop by Yakitori Tonton in Yurakucho. It's exactly how you would picture Tokyo's hole in the wall kind of yakitori with delicious and authentic food.


Drop By Bar Fishbowl in Kyoto For a Fun Night Out!

Bar Fishbowl in Kyoto is tourist-friendly spot to check out while in Kyoto. You will find an incredibly Japanese whiskey collection served by a friendly, English-speaking staff.

Kyoto City

Halal Sushi In Tokyo - 3 Restaurants You Should Try

There aren't many Halal sushi restaurants in Tokyo so if you're Muslim and would like to try the quintessential Japanese cuisine, you'll be glad to know these three places.


3-Star Michelin Restaurant, Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima in Hiroshima

Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima is an exquisite 3-star Michelin restaurant in Hiroshima. You can try Hiroshima's local and seasonal ingredients prepared in the best possible way imaginable.

Hiroshima City

Mixology Salon in Ginza, Tokyo: One of Asia's Best Bars!

Mixology Salon is considered to be one of Asia's best bars, and naturally one of Tokyo's most popular spots as well! This fancy cocktail bar is a must-visit venue in Tokyo and should be on the top of your bucket list for some Japanese-style creations.


Royal Host Tokyo For Some Comforting Slow Food

Royal Host is a famous family restaurant with branches all over Japan. They offer a lot of Western-style Japanese cuisine and Western cuisine.

5 Superb Restaurants In Asakusa Serving Halal Foods

Here is a list of some of the best Halal restaurants in Asakusa. The list includes ramen, sushi, shabu shabu and more! You're bound to find something that you like.


Red Bar Shibuya The Coolest Bar You've Never Been To Yet!

Red Bar Shibuya is an awesome and unique bar you absolutely need to check out while travelling through Tokyo. You've definitely never seen anything like it!


Saffron in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Serves Tasty & Cheap Halal Indian Cuisine

If you want to have something filling and tasty without breaking the bank, drop by Saffron in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The best part is that it's also Halal!


Coffee Tengoku and the Perfect Pancake

The little coffee shop in Asakusa rose to world fame after Kantaro, the character from "Kantaro, the Sweet Tooth Salaryman" tasted their perfect pancake.

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