Updated: March 19, 2019
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Dream of Sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro


Sukiyabashi Jiro is considered by many the best sushi restaurant in the world. It boasts three Michelin stars and a long list of reservations for people waiting to get in on this convenanted sushi restaurant. Having served some of the world's most elite including President Barack Obama, you know this place would be the experience of a lifetime.

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A note about reservations. Getting a reservation at Jiro is extremely difficult, so they cannot be guaranteed. Plan ahead of time. The general rule is that they take reservations on the first of the month for a seat at the restaurant sometime during the next month.
"Jiro Dreams of Sushi" was the title of popular 2011 documentary starring Sukiyabashi Jiro's owner and chef Jiro Ono. Some would say it was from this film that Jiro gained so much attention that they've struggled to keep up with demand.
Anyone in Japan knows about this place as the premier sushi restaurant. It's definitely an institution in Tokyo treasured by those who have visited and an abundance of food connoisseurs. Well with one seating costing you 30,000 yen (or $300 US) you'd want it to be an institution of some sort. And with only enough for ten in the small restaurant, you might think you're in someones home. It's that cosy.
For 30,000 yen you'll be served 20 courses which dives deep into Jiro's original tasting menu of select sushi, wasabi, pickled ginger, and special sauce.

The course lasts for roughly 30 minutes making it a kind of an expensive sushi restaurant. It literally costs you 1000 yen per minute if you think about it.
This reason why they serve you everything over 30 minutes is that you won't start to get full until about 20 minutes after you stop eating. They designed it like this so you are able to get the full experience and taste the whole menu.

Sukiyabashi Jiro maintains the tradition of Edo-style sushi, where customers would come in eat their sushi as soon as it's served, drink tea, and leave.
The tasting menu is determined in the morning each day depending on the fish that Jiro selects. Consisting of 20 pieces of sushi they say it's best eaten as soon as it is placed on the plate in front of you. The flavour of the sushi "are at their most exquisite when the sushi has just been prepared." Also, because "nikiri" soy sauce has already been brushed on the sushi, there is no need to dip it in a saucer of soy sauce.
One thing to point out is that they don't take reservations from overseas which makes it pretty tricky booking a table here. They ask that you book through your hotel, as they say they've had cancellations from people overseas before. Fair enough I guess.

If you're planning on coming here and don't speak Japanese, organise one. You'll appreciate the explanations of everything and will make the experience complete.
Overall, Sukiyabashi Jiro does has three Michelin stars and known as possibly the best sushi restaurant in the world which invites the curiosity of many people far and wide. Regardless of whether you're planning on throwing down 30,000 yen for a 30-minute affair with some raw fish, this is probably an interesting one to put on that bucket list of yours for years to come!

Getting there

Located in downtown Ginza, Sukiyabashi Jiro is just a few minutes walk from Ginza station. Don't think about just heading over and expecting to get a table... the reservations run months deep, so best to book ahead.
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