Updated: February 25, 2019
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The 5 Coolest Bars Near Ebisu Station, Tokyo


With a mix of authentic charm, amazing design, and great drinks, these are quite arguably the coolest places within a short walking distance of Ebisu Station.

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Coolest Bars Of Ebisu

With a mix of authentic charm, amazing design, and great drinks, these are quite arguably the coolest places within a short walking distance of Ebisu Station. This is a classy selection ideal for a date or an evening with good friends.

DEVIN Cave de Champagne

Devin has a very tasteful, refined style. It's located on a basement floor, yet has high ceilings which make you feel like you are entering a classy hotel lobby as some people describe. The specialty of this address is Champagne. They have an unbelievable selection of some 100 kinds of Champangne and Bourgongne wines in their cellar. This is a great spot for a date. One glass of Champagne starts at ¥1,720. Located just a 2-minute walk from the JR Ebisu Station's West Exit.

Bar Go (五)

Bar Go is a place you absolutely have to go to for great cocktail drinks. The bar master, a silent man with a refined aura, has his own special way of shaking the drinks. The drinks are great in themselves, but looking at him in action makes the experience even better and adds to the cool atmosphere of the bar. Cocktails are about ¥1,200 per glass, and they have a selection of 30. They also have plenty of good whiskeys that are around ¥800 per glass. There are about 15 seats in the bar. It's located a 2-minute walk from the West Exit of the JR Ebisu Station. The signboard to this bar is the Japanese character for five (五), which is pronounced "go", hence the name. It's located on a basement floor.

Matsutora (松虎)

This bar has an amazingly cool atmosphere, in large part because it has a burning kiln right in the middle of it that sends out a warm glow and the lights are kept to a minimum. There is no menu per-se at this bar, so you just ask what you want to have and they'll make it for you if they can. They make seasonal cocktails (kissetsu no kokkuteru) that are about ¥2,000 and they have a great collection of all kinds of whiskeys, brandies, sake, shochu, wines. You can also just have an Ebisu beer. For food, you can also choose some vegetables that you like and they will charcoal grill them for you. These appetizers are good because they use seasonal ingredients, and very well-presented!

Matsushita (松下)

Matsushita is the sister bar of Matsutora mentioned above. The atmosphere is really awesome as well. It has a kind of quaintness mixed with an awesome design. The prices are a little cheaper here than at Matsutora. For instance, seasonal cocktails start at ¥1,000. The other difference is that they have more food on their menu, including main dishes such as pasta dishes (about ¥1,500) and pizzas (about ¥1,900). They have a wide variety of alcohols available here as well so just ask for what you want.

Bar Odin

The strong point of Oden bar is their amazing fruit cocktails that are made with seasonal organic fruits. Hence the cocktail menu will vary depending on the time of year you go. They also have all kinds of fine spirits and other drinks, some of which are very rare and kept in the back bar. If you want to taste some outstanding, hard-to-find scotch or whiskey, ask for their recommendations. They have over 700 bottles of rare alcohols. Their side orders for food are home-made and are also made of seasonal ingredients.


These are really cool bars in Ebisu that are really unlikely to disappoint if you ever visit. They are quite classy so if you are looking for a rowdier place to drink in Ebisu, the must-go spot is Ebisu Yokocho.

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