Updated: November 21, 2018
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5 Amazingly Good Yakiniku Restaurants In Ginza, Tokyo


Ginza is a gourmet spot you cannot miss if you are in Tokyo. The place is particularly famous for its sushi but there is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, among which is yakiniku. Ginza has some of the very best yakiniku in Tokyo! Here is our special selection for a great evening in Ginza.

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Pyonpyonsha Ginza Una (ぴょんぴょん舎 GINZA UNA)

Ginza Una is unbeatable in terms of quality at a reasonably low price. For ¥3,000 to ¥4,000, you can have a true yakiniku feast with tender meat, a few drinks, and some side dishes. This is one of the most popular yakiniku restaurant of the Ginza area not just for the meat, but also for its signature "reimen" dish (cold noodles) that most people eat as a last order of their meal. The combination of yakiniku and this cold noodle dish made with a beef broth makes for a unique yakiniku experience you'll surely remember.

Tendan (焼肉の名門 天壇 銀座店)

Tendan is without a doubt one of the best yakiniku restaurants in Ginza, and also quite possibly the most popular. The meat is of excellent quality and the tare dipping sauce is made in traditional Kyoto-style, which means the tare sauce is made from dashi soup stock made from beef bones. The excellent quality meat is probably the reason that'll lure you there, but don't overlook their vegetable menu! They have excellent seasonal products that come directly from farms of the Kyoto countryside. Expect to pay around ¥8,000 for an evening meal. There is a lunchtime buffet worth going to with a choice of 10 seasonal dishes.

Ginza Shotaien (銀座 正泰苑)

This is a classy yakiniku restaurant is a popular date spot. The quality is excellent. You will be served tender meat with a lot of marbling. Most plates are between ¥1,000 and ¥2,000. You may also try some horumon (tripes) which is also a specialty of the place. They have a good drink menu from which you can order anything from wine to Japanese sake to elegant cocktails at a reasonable price. For a more private kind of atmosphere, it is possible to reserve an individual room. Most people pay around ¥8,000 for and evening meal.

Hidagyu Ittoya Bakuro Ichidai (飛騨牛一頭家 銀座 馬喰一代)

Baruko Ichidai specializes in Hida beef, a kind of black-haired Japanese cattle breed raised in Gifu Prefecture. It has beautiful marbling in nearly every cut, which means the beef is extremely tender and juicy. The restaurant has a very sophisticated interior and is also a good place for a date. The place has won a certificate of excellence from tripadvisor in 2017 so you can be sure that it's pretty reliably good. Expect to pay around ¥8,000 for dinner.
For lunch, you can also go there and the prices will be much lower (below ¥2,000) for a set meal.

Yakiniku Ushigoro (焼肉 うしごろ 銀座店)

Ushigoro is on the more expensive side of this list but it is well worth the go if you are willing to pay up to ¥10,000 for a special occasion. This is the pinnacle in terms of quality of meat. They serve selected wagyu (Japanese controlled cattle breed) of A5 quality (the highest there is). Full dinner courses are all served with some wagyu sashimi and many types of yakiniku cuts. You also get a noodle or rice main dish and a dessert at the end.
You're better to make a reservation in advance because this place is extremely popular.

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