Updated: November 07, 2018
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Nightlife In Sapporo: 5 Best Bars And Clubs That Aren't Touristy!


This article will introduce 5 places where you can get the most out of the nightlife of Sapporo! These are not tourist spots; they're highly regarded places people with a good knowledge of the city go to. We've included 3 bars that are local gems and 2 clubs that you'll love if you're more into dancing and partying until the wee hours of the morning.

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The Bow Bar

For whiskey aficionados, The Bow Bar is a must-go when you are in Sapporo. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant and old-fashion and the bar master who has a passion for what he does is quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable people in the country about old liquors. Prices really depend quite a lot on what you will order. For instance, a shot of DUPUY 1902 Cognac is ¥15,000 if you are interested in the pinnacle of what you can find in his library. An evening may typically cost you about ¥8,000 if you just have the not-so-rare drinks.

jazz live Slow boat

This jazz bar is a hidden gem. The place is a popular spot for Jazz lovers of Sapporo, and as such, most of the people you'll see there are local frequent visitors. The bar has some professional shows and "amateur" jazz sessions (most of which are really great musicians) on a daily basis. There is a ¥1,000 cover charge plus a "live charge" that is on average ¥2,000. Performances usually start around 20:30. Drinks are about ¥700. The place is not exactly easy to find because it is on the 4th floor of a building with many tenant shops. It might be a bit intimidating to walk in but everyone is quite friendly. This is definitely worth the go if you are in a Jazz mood in Sapporo.


BAR YAMAZAKI is an establishment of long-standing, a truly iconic bar in Sapporo that is loved by the locals and famous even outside of the city because it offers outstanding drinks in the quaintest atmosphere there is. The bar was established and managed for over 50 years by the legendary bartender Yamazaki Ichiro who had won several international prizes for his cocktails. He, unfortunately, passed away in 2016 at the age of 96 while still being actively involved at his bar. Although Mr Yamazaki is no longer with us, his apprentices still serve his cocktail in Yamazaki's signature style. They have plenty of standards and many originals too. The price for one drink is about ¥1,000 to ¥1,500 and there is a seat charge of ¥1,000. This is a must-go if you want to experience a classic bar.

King Xmhu キングムー

King Xmhu is a legendary club in Sapporo that first opened in 1991, was closed for some time, has finally reopened in 2016. The huge club on three floors is perhaps the most popular in Sapporo. Many famous DJ perform, and the light shows, smoke blasts and tribal decor makes it an awesome place to party all night. They often have ladies' nights for which women can enter for free and even get a free drink.

Precious Hall プレシャスホール

This chill club is located on a basement floor and is often referred to as the place with the best acoustics. Because of the great sound, it attracts a lot of talented DJs too. From lounge music to electro to jazz, you can hear a variety of great music there depending on the night. Check out the calendar to know what's coming up.

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