Updated: February 17, 2020
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10 Best High-End Sushi Restaurants In Osaka

Osaka City

Trying to figure out where to go for great sushi in Osaka? We're here to help. Here are 10 sushi high-end spots that won't disappoint. Several of them have even earned Michelin stars. Enjoy!

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Sushi Harasho 鮨 原正

Harasho boasts two Michelin stars so you know you're in for something quite exceptional when you walk through the noren curtains of this sushi bar. The sushi is a mix of incredibly fresh neta (toppings) along with others that are matured just right to the point where the flavor is at its best. Every course not only includes sushi, but also a good number of 'ate', which are various small dishes of Japanese cuisine (can include grilled or boiled fish for instance).

Harasho is located near Osaka-Uehommachi Station.

Sushi Oga 鮨 おおが

Shinichiro Oga, the sushi chef at Oga, managed to rise to the top of the sushi world of Osaka at a very young age. Born in 1987, his restaurant is currently considered one of the best in town. His training was done at the prestigious Sushidokoro Sakai Yasuke (another restaurant that will be introduced below).

You can go for lunch or dinner and any course will be reliably amazing. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand because this is a small sushi bar with just 8-counter seats and it's extremely popular.

Sushi Yuden 鮨 悠伝

The sushi chef here, Mr. Nishimura, was trained at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel of Kyoto. You can enjoy a mind-blowing omakase course at the counter of his classic 8-seat sushi bar. The sushi rice here is said to be not too strong-flavored to allow for a better appreciation of the carefully selected fresh, seasonal toppings.

This is a relatively new sushi restaurant that is quickly gaining in popularity so you would be better to make a reservation before you go.

Sushi Hoshiyama 鮨 ほしやま

The sushi served at Sushi Hoshiyama is exceptionally good. Despite the shop's location in Osaka, Chef Hoshiyama is trained in Tokyo's signature 'edomae' style of sushi and provides customers with a well-rounded course of the finest fish prepared in the tastiest way possible. The shari (rice) uses premium Tokyo-style red vinegar made from only sake lees and salt.

The chef doesn't have a specialty or original sushi dish that sets him apart. Instead, he focuses on making sure that each and every item that he serves is as good as it possibly can be. His consistency and attention to detail earned him his first Michelin star in 2019, which is well deserved.

Anyone looking for a sushi meal that is flawless from start to finish should be quite impressed by Hoshiyama. Check this place out while you're in Osaka!

Ginza Kyubey Imperial Hotel Osaka 銀座 久兵衛 帝国ホテル大阪店

Kyubey is said to be one of the top restaurants in the world, and definitely one of the best-known restaurants in Japan. The main restaurant opened in 1936 in Ginza and is wildly popular to this day. It's actually quite difficult to get a reservation at Kyubey's main location. Luckily, the restaurant has expanded, and now has 6 locations in Tokyo, and one in Osaka.

One might expect that the quality of the sushi at the other locations wouldn't match that of the original restaurant, but that isn't the case at all! The sushi at the Osaka location is the same quality as the original, and the experience of dining here is quite similar. The courses are simply fantastic, featuring top-grade neta (sushi toppings) and masterfully prepared tsumami and sushi. Those seeking a high-end edomae sushi counter experience in Osaka will not be disappointed with Kyubey!

The Osaka branch of Kyubey is located inside the Imperial Hotel, on the 24th floor. The easiest way to get there is via a shuttle bus from JR Osaka Station.

It's recommended to make reservations in advance if you plan to pay a visit.

Sushiroku 鮨ろく

Sushiroku is a one Michelin star restaurant located in Kita-ku in Osaka, at about a 5-minute walk from Naniwabashi Station.

The owner-chef purchases himself his sushi toppings every morning from the central market in Osaka. You'll also find in his sushi some hints of top-quality domestic ingredients from across Japan. His sushi is made without adding any sugar; he relies solely on the natural sweetness of his carefully selected ingredients to reach the perfect balance of sweetness and savory umami in each piece he serves during his outstanding omakase course.

Sushidokoro Sakai Yasuke 寿司処堺 弥助

Osaka native chef Oga was trained in traditional kappo cuisine. With years of experience and a passion for the preservation of traditional sushi-making, he has earned a reputation as one of the best sushi chefs in Osaka. The sushi is, of course, amazing, but his kappo side dishes reflecting the season will also impress.

Yasuke is located near Shukuin Station.

Sushi Keyaki 鮨 けやき

Chef Tada comes from the high-end hotel culinary world so you can expect quality, freshness and beautiful presentation in everything you are served. What's interesting here is that the prices are relatively lower than other high-end restaurants presented in this article. For instance, you can enjoy a lunch course for about ¥6,000.

This is an excellent option for something relatively more affordable on the high-end spectrum. Sushi Keyaki is conveniently located in central Osaka, near the Shinsaibashi Station.

Sushi Hasegawa はせ川 心斎橋本店

This is a beautiful clean-lined modern Japanese restaurant that is relatively large with some 80-seats. It's a good option if you'd like to make a reservation for a larger group. They have counter seats, western-style tables, and traditional Japanese low tables.

The specialty here is not just sushi, but also nimono (traditional Japanese stews) and cooked seafood as well. If you choose a course you'll be able to enjoy all kinds of kaiseki-style delicacies along with your sushi.

Sushi Hasegawa is located in the vibrant Dotonbori area.

Sushi Kizuna 鮓 きずな

This is an outstanding 12-seat counter sushi bar that is hard to get a reservation at so you better plan ahead if you want to dine there.

Every piece of the omakase course is so delectable, fresh, and carefully prepared. You can enjoy some rare kinds of sushi too, such as mushi sushi (steamed sushi) which are a culinary signature of Kizuna.

Kizuna is located near Kyobashi Station.

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