Updated: March 08, 2019
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The Best places to Eat on Okage Street After Going to Ise Jingu


Ise Jingu is the shrine of Amaterasu, the god of the sun and the mother of the Japanese emperor, being the most superior shrine in Japan. Visiting Ise Jingu would be a great way to experience Japanese culture. Okage Yokocho would be a good place to find something to eat. This street is full of unique and delicious foods which will satisfy your stomach.

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1. Buta Sute (豚捨)

The name of the restaurant "Buta Sute" means throw away pig. This name came from an anecdote that the beef the restaurant serves is so good that people who ate it told others to throw away pork. It serves beef rice bowl, sukiyaki, etc.
Beef the restaurant serves, including the most popular dish in the restaurant, the beef rice bowl, is Matsuzaka beef, which is a popular brand of Japanese beef. You can taste the delicious Matsuzaka beef for only ¥1000. The taste and soft texture of Matsuzaka beef might make you throw away pork too!

2. Sushi Kyu (すし久)

Sushi Kyu serves one of the most famous Ise food, Tekone Sushi. Tekone sushi is sashimi on top of vinegared rice. This is a traditional food in Ise. It originated first with fishermen who ate lunch on a boat by eating fresh sashimi with the rice they brought.
The smell of sea weed and Shiso, Japanese leaf vegetable, makes tekone sushi even more delicious. The dessert and tsukemono (Japanese style pickled vegetables) that come with tekone sushi are also great. You can enjoy tekone sushi for less than ¥2000.

3. Udonya Fukusuke (うどんや ふくすけ)

This restaurant serves the food that can be eaten just at Ise, which is Ise udon. Since the Edo era (1603-1868), it was said that if you don't eat this udon while you are alive, Saturn will get angry at you in Hell once you die. This saying shows how popular this Ise udon was since the 17th century.
This soft and chewy udon that is made especially for this restaurant and the soy sauce based soup with an egg on top will wow you. It is also great that it only costs ¥500.

Dango ya (だんご屋)

This is a dessert restaurant called Dango ya. Dango is a Japanese sweet dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour). The texture is really sticky and soft. This restaurant has various kinds of flavours such as soy sauce, kinako (ground and sweetened soybean), mitarashi (sweetened soy sauce glaze), etc.
You can watch how dango is prepared at this shop, which is a fun experience. Each dango only costs ¥120, so you get to taste a lot for under ¥1,000!

5. Akafuku Honten (赤福 本店)

Akafuku is a Japanese sweet that is made of mochi (rice cake) covered with anko (azuki bean paste). It is the most popular sweet souvenir at Ise. The shop is open since 1707, so you can enjoy the old Japanese style house at this restaurant.
At the restaurant, you can eat Akafuku kouri. It is only at Akafuku restaurant, and it is served as a matcha shave ice with Akafuku under it. The coldness of the shaved ice changes the texture of soft Akafuku and makes it delicious. You can get three Akafuku for just ¥280 or Akafuku kouri for only ¥500.

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