Updated: July 25, 2019
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10 Best Ramen Joints In Osaka!

Osaka City

Osaka is a foodie prefecture, and there are a lot of amazing ramen places. If you're in Osaka, or if you're going to Osaka, check the following list!

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Jinrui Mina Menrui (人類みな麺類)

Literally a step away from Minamikata station, you will see a white shop curtain. This place's name means "Human beings are all noodles". Their taste of ramen is authentic - they use chicken broth and clams for their soup, along with thick noodles. You can also change the thickness of cha-siu and bamboo shoot, which makes your bowl special!

Kadoya Shokudou (カドヤ食堂 本店)

A 3 minute walk from Nishi Nagahori station, here you can enjoy one of the authentic popular ramen - their soup is made from highly selected ingredients. Their "chu-ka soba" is the popular ramen on their menu, so be sure to check that out.

Ramen Yashichi (らーめん 弥七)

Their rich, creamy chicken based soup is spiced up with seafood based soy sauce tare, and this combination is the best. Their noodles are made at the store.
This place is very popular, so make sure to be there early because they only serve 150 bowls during lunch time on weekdays, and you buy a ticket in order to eat. Just a 3 minute walk from Nakatsu station.

Kinguemon(金久右衛門 本店)

Located 7 minutes away by walk from Fukaebashi station, this place is very famous for their "Osaka Black" ramen. Their rich soy sauce based soup is what makes their ramen incredible. They have many branches in the Western part of Japan which tells you how popular and successful they are.

Sanku (烈志笑魚油 麺香房 三く)

Just a 3 minute walk from Shin Fukushima station, this place serves Fukushima ramen, Fukushima ward's original ramen, which is made from boiled dried fish soup that is full of umami. On their menu there are so many options to choose from, and they are probably the most popular ramen place in Fukushima area. They sell out really quick, so make sure to hurry!

Ryukishin RIZE (龍旗信 RIZE)

If you are looking for a rich, thick fish based soup ramen, visit Ryukishin RIZE, just a 4-minute walk from Namba station. This place is very famous for their shio-ramen, but they also serve Tori-paitan ramen, a thick white chicken bone broth soup, which has been very popular these days. You have to purchase a ticket from a vending machine to order. The toppings are very neatly arranged and this is another reason why they are so popular among both men and women.

Moeyo Mensuke (燃えよ麺助)

This is an extremely popular joint where is not unusual to see long queues before the restaurant actually opens at 11:30. You might be discouraged by the queue but keep in mind that people are in and out pretty fast. What makes the ramen here so delicious is the duck or shellfish-based broth mixed in with some soy sauce. It's not too heavy yet has full of umami. Also, you'll notice that the chashu pork is a little pink because it's not grilled but pre-cooked cold cut style. Located near the Fukushima Station.

Menya Saisai (麺屋彩々 昭和町本店)

Every ingredient from the noodles to the chashu is made in-house at this ramen join located near the Showacho Station. They offer miso, shoyu, or shio ramen, and they have some spicy options too. No matter what you choose, everything blends together so well that you'll understand why this place is a huge hit in Osaka.

Gunjo (群青)

Gunjo was renovated recently so it has a nice and clean interior with just a few counter seats. It has one of the most succulent fish-based broth and the thick noodles have the perfect springiness. The tsukemen (dipping noodles) are an extremely popular choice here, perhaps even more so than the ramen! Located near the Tenshinbashi Sujirokuchome Station.

Menya Joroku (麺屋 丈六)

This ramen joint near Namba Station has one of the best shoyu (soy) ramen in town. It is very black but still not too salty. The shoyu used is tamari soy sauce, which is not very common. At any rate, the soup is irresistibly full of umami and since this is a shoyu ramen, it's not too heavy. You'll love the firm noodles too.

Ramen Jinsei JET

Located a 2-minute walk from the Fukushima Station, this joint serves chicken based ramen that is of the shirayu (with broth) type. The chicken bones are simmered down in the broth for some 10 hours which makes the soup incredibly thick and savoury. It also has some soy sauce in it to add a little more deepness. The noodles are house-made.

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