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Mercer Brunch In Roppongi (Tokyo): Gorgeous Brunch & Italian Cuisine [PR]


Mercer Brunch in Roppongi serves amazing brunch and delicious meat-centered Italian cuisine in an open-air setting. You can easily go here on a date or for a business meeting, or even a night out with friends. The NY-style atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and you're bound to have an amazing time.

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Mercer Brunch Roppongi

Mercer Brunch is a stunning, yet casual and inviting restaurant right in Roppongi. The restaurant has an open-air interior, which is perfect for enjoying the terrace, rain or shine.
And when the weather gets a little bit chilly, you can relax around the fireplace.

During the day, you can enjoy their delicious and sumptuous brunches. And at night, they serve Italian cuisine.
Mercer Brunch has a cool and luxurious NY-style atmosphere. It feels like you're sitting in a beautiful and hip hotel lounge. You can come in for a hearty and delicious brunch or for an Italian dinner. The dinner menu mainly focuses on meat dishes, from the appetizers to the main dishes.
The dim lights and the sofa seats make for the perfect setting for a date, but you will see a rather mixed crowd here, from girls' night out to business dinners.


Fresh & Grilled Vegetables with Caponata, Bagna Cauda Sauce, ¥1,700 (taxes included).

The vegetables are domestically grown and come directly from Miura (Kanagawa Prefecture). They serve both grilled and fresh vegetables so you can savour the vegetables' natural taste and their juicy texture. The dishes vary seasonally so you can enjoy the vegetables at their best.
Black Truffle Natural Green Salad, ¥1,200 (taxes included).
This green salad is simple, yet simply addictive. It is made with lettuce, zucchinis, green beans and broccoli and is topped off with some salt, vinegar, and of course some black truffle.
Beef Combo: Aitchbone, Aged Top Sirloin Butt, Sirloin, ¥3,800 (taxes included).
You can try an assortment of different types of Wagyu (Japanese beef) parts and compare. It's great for sharing, as you get to try many types of Wagyu. The preparation is simple, yet exquisite. The meat is seasoned with salt & pepper, onion vinegar oil, and heated onions. The mix of flavours is perfect.
Wagyu Aitchbone Steak (150g), ¥2,800 (taxes included).
The steak is grilled as is, without any seasonings but is served with a side of delicious tartar sauce. You can also ask for the steak to be cooked to your liking.
Foie Gras French Toast, ¥1,500 (taxes included).
Can you imagine figs slowly cooked in port wine in which foie gras was then sauteed? You can probably already feel the divine smell tickling your nostrils.

The foie gras mixture is then added over pieces of French toast. No wonder this exquisite dish is so popular here!


Stop by Mercer Brunch in Roppongi for a gorgeous brunch or for sublime Italian cuisine for dinner. No matter the occasion, you'll have an amazing time in this beautiful and modern restaurant.

You can also drop by some of their other branches, in Shibuya, Ginza or Ebisu for example. Please check out their website for more information.
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