Updated: September 20, 2019
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Tamago Kake Gohan Specialty Restaurant is a Must-Visit for Egg Lovers!


Eating raw eggs is part of Japanese food culture, and tamago kake gohan is one of the simplest dishes that features a raw egg. Although people usually make tamago kake gohan at home, there is a restaurant called 'Kisaburo Nojo' that offers customers the opportunity to compare gourmet eggs as they eat this simplest of Japanese comfort foods!

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Kisaburo Nojo

'Kisaburo Nojo' is a unique restaurant located close to Sengoku Station, on the Toei Subay's Mita Line. The restaurant is known for its carefully-selected, high-quality chicken and eggs. The owner is actually qualified as an 'egg somalier' (who knew such a qualification existed?) and is highly particular about the eggs that he serves at the restaurant. In addition to a chicken and egg-based menu that features an extremely popular 'oyako-don,' the restaurant also serves a very unique tamago kake gohan menu:

・Tamago kake gohan set(one egg) ¥550
・Tamago kake gohan gozen set(all-you can-eat eggs) ¥730
・TKG Omakure Gozen set(all-you can-eat eggs AND rice) ¥1,200
The eggs available on that day are piled in baskets on a table, and customers can freely take them as desired (as long as you have one of the all-you-can-eat items). There were 5 types to choose from on this day, but the types change regularly. The eggs are also available for sale and are ¥500 for 6 or ¥700 for 10.
The tamago kake gohan sets come with the items shown above. In addition to various toppings and pickles, a bowl of miso soup is included. On the upper lefthand side of the tray is a stack of two empty bowls. One is for cracking the eggs into, and the other is for discarding the shells.

The various types of eggs are shockingly different, and it's super fun to compare and eat them! Here are a few that stood out:

Citrus-flavored 'Yuzu Tama!'

These are 'Yuzu' eggs from Kochi Prefecture.
The characteristic of this egg is unquestionably its distinct flavor. It really has a yuzu-like citrus taste which is unlike any other egg!
The flavor of this egg is created by adding yuzu peel to the chickens' feed. Who knew that the flavor of an egg could be so dramatically altered based on the food that the hen consumes!

Pure white 'okome tama' (rice egg)

These 'rice eggs' are from Yamagata prefecture.
These eggs are made by feeding the chickens - you guessed it - rice! It's a bit startling to crack the egg and see such a pale-colored yolk come out. However, the surprising thing about this egg was that the taste was very rich when compared to a standard yellow-yolked egg. It was quite a unique egg to be sure!

100 + eggs from accross the country were eaten and compared

The owner of the shop, Mr. Takagi has tried more than 100 types of eggs from around the country and has chosen just 8 varieties that he regularly serves at Kisaburo Nojo since opening the restaurant 9 years ago. The dedication shows, and the eggs here are truly something special. If you're an egg fan, I highly recommend checking out Kisaburo Nojo!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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