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※※CLOSED※※Prime Rib Zen: Affordable Wagyu and Japanese Craft Beer in Akihabara! [PR]


This is wagyu like you've never experienced it before! Aged for 30 days before roasting at low temperature in the oven for 7 hours, this super-tender prime rib will blow you away! If you're looking for a unique meal in central Tokyo, 'Zen' is an awesome option.

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Unbelievably Tender Aged Wagyu Prime Rib

Have you tried wagyu (Japanese beef) before? If you haven't, you've got to change that, ASAP! Even if you have, you'll want to check out the wagyu prime rib at 'Prime Rib Zen,' because it's probably different than anything you've tried before. What makes the beef here so special? Well, first off, the beef used is premium wagyu from Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo, that is aged for a full 30 days. The meat is then roasted in the oven for about 7 hours at a low temperature (65 ℃). The resulting prime rib is some of the juiciest and most delicious wagyu you'll ever taste!
The finished prime rib, before slicing.

Craft Beer

In addition to the awesome wagyu prime rib, 'Prime Rib Zen' also features a constantly changing selection of Japanese craft beers, which are a perfect complement to the meat. The beers on tap change as they sell out, but there are always 4 different varieties to choose from. You'll definitely want to try more than just one beer with your meal!


Roast Beef Bowl, ¥850
At lunchtime, ordering a set meal is the recommended thing to do. There are quite a few options to choose from, but we recommend trying one of the meals which features the amazing prime rib.

The roast beef bowl shown above is one great option, as it features a healthy portion of juicy beef slices topped with an egg yolk, which adds an irresistible richness to the dish. Another recommendation is the beef slice set, shown below. This set comes with tender slices of prime rib, rice, a delicious homemade beef soup, and a side dish that changes daily.
Prime Rib Slice Set, ¥980 (50g) or ¥1,280 (100g)


Aged Wagyu Prime Rib. (100g) ¥1,980, (180g) ¥3,500, (300g) ¥5,700
At dinner, it's advised to order a main item and several side items so that you can try a variety of dishes. The must-try dinner menu item is unquestionably the aged wagyu prime rib, shown above. It's served like a steak, but is unlike any steak you've had before! Since the meat doesn't lose any of its moisture while cooking or become tough from exposure to high heat, the prime rib is as tender and juicy as you can possibly imagine. The prime rib is served with a variety of seasonings to eat it with, including lemon, salt, wasabi, house tare (sauce), and red onion balsamic vinegar jam. We recommend trying each bite with a different seasoning to experience all the different and delightful flavor combinations.
Wild Roast Deer, ¥1,280
Another must-try and quite-rare item on the menu is the roast deer shown above. As you can probably tell, venison has a very low fat content, has comparatively low calories, and is packed full of nutrients including protein and minerals. The deer meat is prepared in a similar way to the wagyu, but has a completely different taste and texture, making it very interesting to eat and compare.
It's rare to find wild game at Tokyo restaurants, and even more so to find deer from Mie Prefecture, where Prime Rib Zen gets its venison. Don't miss the chance to try this unique dish while you're here.

Dinner Course

If you have 4 or more people in your party, the very best way to enjoy the food at Prime Rib Zen is by having one of the fantastic course meals, such as the one shown above. You'll get to eat not only the prime rib but also a great variety of side dishes including dessert. The course shown above includes meat sushi, the roast deer mentioned above, and free-flowing alcohol and is ¥5,980 per person!

Access / Reservations

Prime Rib Zen is located just 6 minutes away from Akihabara Station, on the 6th floor of a building. The staff is very friendly, and there are menus available in English if needed. If you plan to go for dinner, it's recommended that you make a reservation (some of the courses require a reservation so that the restaurant has time to prepare).
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