Updated: June 07, 2019
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7 Best Ramen Shops Near Ameyoko Street, Ueno


The Ueno area has a lot of attractions including the Ueno Zoo, art museums and Ameyoko street. Ameyoko street is crowded every day because of its cool shops and delicious food. One of the best types of food on offer in the area is ramen!! Here's our top 7 ramen joints near Ameyokocho.

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[Tonkotsu Soup] 麺屋武蔵 武骨 Menyamusashi Bukotsu

Menyamusashi Bukotsu(麺屋武蔵 武骨) is a popular Tokyo ramen chain known for it's huge chunks of chashu and other meats that are piled onto the delicious ramen. This location is a quick walk from either Ueno or Okachimachi Station.
Details of the ramen:
Tonkotsu(Pork bone broths) based soup
Ramen or tsukemen
・red(original spicy sauce)
・black(squid ink)

[Miso Soup] 麺屋 花田 Menya Hanada

Also located between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations is Hanada, a ramen shop specializing in miso ramen. The restaurant claims to serve "Tokyo's richest miso soup," which just might be true.
The menu is very simple: standard miso or spicy miso soups are served as ramen or tsukemen. The soups are piled with a healthy portion of veges and beautifully round chashu, and make for a thoroughly satisfying bowl of ramen.

[Seafood & Chicken-Based Soup] 大喜 Daiki

Daiki Ramen shop is an old shop which is having its 20th anniversary this year (2019). The closest station is Yushima(湯島), but you can also walk there from Okachimachi Station in 5 minutes. If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path ramen place with an old school vibe, this is the place to go!
Before opening Daiki, the chef honed his skills in a traditional Japanese restaurant for 20 years. He brings his traditional training to the ramen here, striving to create "flavor with harmony." The original soup has a seafood and chicken bone broth base called 'Chintan' (清湯), and the noodles are made in-house by the chef every day.

[Dipping Soup Noodles] 麺屋武蔵 武骨相傳 Menyamusashi Bukotsu-Soden

Bukotsu-Soden is another location of the ramen chain Menyamusashi Bukotsu"麺屋武蔵 武骨" introduced above. This location, specializing in tsukemen, is only 1 minute from the Shinobazu Exit of Ueno Station.
The tsukemen here are phenominal, and just like at the other Ueno location, you can choose from 3 different flavors of soup (white, red, and black). However, the black soup here gets its color from charred vegetables and coffee beans, instead of squid ink! This, and the fantastic and spectacular chashu, is really what sets this shop apart.

[Tonkotsu & Seafood Soup] 上野 戸みら伊本舗 Ueno Tomirai-Honpo

The chef at Tomirai is passionate about serving "new ramen bowls that cannot be found elsewhere."
The flavorful and deep-tasting ramen attracts a large crowd every day. The most popular bowl is "Tonkotsu and Seafood Ramen"(豚骨魚介らぁめん) for ¥750.

Tomirai-Honpo is open super late (until 6 in the morning!) except for Sundays, so this is a wonderful place to grab a bite after drinking.
This shop is a 5-minute walk from Shinobazu Exit of Ueno Station, or a 2-minute walk from the North Exit of Okachimachi Station(御徒町駅). The shop is close to Ueno ABAB, a department store(上野ABAB). A big and reddish Japanese lantern is the landmark!

[Abura Soba] 浜そば 本店 Hamasoba Honten

Hamasoba specializes in Abura soba(油そば), an oil ramen that you mix up before eating. Abura-soba is a newer style of ramen that you've got to try if you haven't already!

Tender chicken, green onions, bamboo shoots, vegetables, and seaweed are some of the toppings on this ramen. With Abura soba, you can enjoy the scent of the special oil sauce, lots of toppings, and hearty, chewy noodles!

[Tonkotsu Soup] ラーメン一蘭 Ramen Ichiran

Ichiran is one of the most famous and popular "Tonkotsu" ramen shops, not only in Japan but around the world. The Ichiran Ueno-Branch is in a food mall called the Atre Ueno, which is connected to Ueno Station.
Ichiran offers a dependably delicious bowl of ramen. There's nothing flashy or unusual about it, it's just great. If you've never tried this famous brand before, it's worth eating at least once. Or twice. Or three times.....

Ueno has some fantastic ramen shops!

Hopefully this article helped you to decide where you want to eat ramen in Uneo! There are some really fantastic shops to choose from, and you really can't go wrong with any listed here! Happy slurping!

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